Big change

Every now and then I like to write a pretty personal post as I find writing things down and reading them is sometimes the most effective way to express the thousands of things going off in my head. Throughout this year I’ve kind of maintained the dream of living and working in London, mainly because for … More Big change

Sephora Steals

Living in the UK means we sadly do not have the luxury of walking past the Toys R Us of make up stores, that being Sephora. However, during my time in America this summer I was able to visit both the New York and Miami stores and discovered some amazing make up products from Sephora’s own … More Sephora Steals

Superficial Society: Why my skin can affect my life

The issue surrounding Ashley VanPevenage struck another nerve in me when it comes to how society views and deals with acne. For those of you who don’t know, Ashley VanPevenage put out a photo of her skin before and after make up, revealing her bad skin. It was then unfortunately turned into a meme that states … More Superficial Society: Why my skin can affect my life